AC 5000

Magnetic Powerbank

  • Capacity 5000mAh
  • Input: USB-C
  • Output: USB-C, Lightning
  • Wireless: 15W Max
was $59.99
now $39.99

Your smartphone
not magnetic!

No problem! Grab yourself the magnetic sticker
and make it fully compatible with the AC 5000

On the back
of your phone
Inside of your
phone case
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Magnetic Connection

Environmentally friendly

Wireless Charging

Magnetic Connection

Environmentally friendly

Wireless Charging

Size does matter

Say no to clunky oversized powerbanks, the AC 5000 is made to comfortably fit anywhere be it your pocket or the sticking on the back of your smartphone.

Recycled plastic

Do you care about your environment? Well, we do and for that reason we design our products with sustainability in mind. The AC 5000 powerbank is made out of sustainable, recycled plastic, even the packaging is recycled paper.


Say goodbye to cables and take advantage of wireless charging. The AC 5000 snaps magnetically on the back of your smartphone and charges wirelessly.

Take tour smartphone accessories to the next level. We believe in great design that adds to your experience

The perfect companion for the road. Never again be left without charge when you need it most, take the AC 5000 with you and talk away.