Signature collection

Apollo’s Curated is a pioneer in product development not only in design and
technology but the sustainable ways they create products.


Environment-friendly materials


Minimalist Scandinavian design


Cutting-edge technology


360 LAMP

Small and easy to carry, the Starlight 360 is the perfect light source anywhere. It is wireless and extremely flexible, hence the name 360 since this lamp can be molded in numerous shapes for different situations while the light source can be rotated 360 degrees.



Tired of not having enough battery to finish that important conversation? We are too, hence we created the ultimate Power Bank. The AC5000 snaps magnetically to the back of your smarthpone and charghes wirelessly while you enjoy having that extra juice to finish you business.


Night stand

Wireless charging + full charging station built in the drawer
Bluetooth stereo system 3.1 (80 watts and amazing subwoofer)
Made from a unique recycled plastic, with impressive real-wood texture

Coming soon - stay tuned for the launch!


Finally an aroma diffuser with style. This hi-tech ambiance generator is not only super effective in emanating your favorite scent around your home but its elegant design will surely earn you some compliments.

Coming soon - stay tuned for the launch!

C09 Lamp

Ultimate charging station in a stylish form
(USB+wireless) Touchpad for light adjustment
Made of Recycled plastic, Recycled paper box, Vegan leather

Coming soon - stay tuned for the launch!

Power bank & Charging Pad

No more fiddling around with cables, the Future is Wireless and with our new super-easy to use, large capacity, portable Power-Bank, you can take the comfort of Wireless Charging on the road with you.