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Creating and curating well designed, smart, efficient products

How Apollo's Curated started.

We at Apollo's Curated take pride in being innovators and "outside the box" thinkers. We are passionate about smart and efficient new technologies, gadgets that are fun to use, or own and also products you can rely on because of their quality and durability.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for the next big thing.

We celebrate the trendsetters and creatives who aim not just to increase their market value but to provide customers with long term satisfaction, and we are happy to include ourselves in this group of individuals. We think there is nothing better than that nice, cozy feeling you get after buying something that is, just as good or better than you expected.
The idea for Apollo's Curated grew and developed out of the frustration of
having to buy multiple products from different brands just to find the one we loved, the one that satisfied our particular needs.

I mean just think about it
   How many times have you bought something that ended up in a box tucked away in the garage?
    How many times did you have to buy 3 or 4 versions of the same product until you found the one you liked?
    How many times have you ordered a device online that was nothing like what you’ve expected or looked “super cool" in the picture but felt the extremely cheap and low quality when it arrived? 

All of us have probably experienced this type of disappointment at some point in our lives so we thought, instead of feeling discouraged by the way things are, let us change our perspective and see the opportunity hidden inside the problem.

We decided to take our efficiency-oriented mindset and use it to restate the existing, only in a finer way. There are amazing things on the market for sure and we are always going to find precious pearls and show them to you, but if we feel like we just can’t find the right solution we will put our head together and try to create something bigger and better, with functionality and a twist of design in mind.

  How does this work?
                When we find an impressive item that we like or a new trend in the form of a product, we take it and test it until we can decide if it's that special one or just a waste of money. If it’s not exactly what we thought it was or simply isn’t good, we will still write an article about it. But if think that something has potential, it just not quite there yet, we will come up with our own version, that is higher quality, user friendly, cool, and withstand the test of time.

Our end product?

On Apollo’s Curated you will be able to find and purchase from a
carefully chosen selection of items we can confidently offer, and our own products that are well thought out and created to satisfy the consumer's needs.
Our mission statement at Apollo's Curated is to improve the quality of your life by providing you with options and solutions, helping you make more intelligent purchases, and to honor the creators who put their hearts and minds into their projects.

   As Peter Drucker once said "The best way to predict the future is to create it"           
                                        so let us create a better, brighter future together.