The Basic Widely Loved Toy on STEROIDS

We have seen the trend of fidget spinners, we have tried it and after the first impression we have realized, this is not something we want to advertise. Although when we came across this new version of it, which is basically the original little gadget on steroids, we thought why not give it another shot.

 When the first wave of the fidget spinners started I could find one even in my grandma’s hand…yes, it was that serious of an outbreak. They were everywhere and obviously we had to give it a try as well. Especially since a couple of people from our team have ADHD, and the spinner was known for helping those who have trouble focusing. It was also believed that it relieves nervous energy, anxiety, or psychological stress. After thoroughly testing it without actual evidence that it would help with any of the issues mentioned above, we came to the decision, that the fidget spinner is one of those gadgets that you buy, and then you'll be probably too lazy to return it :) 

 When someone put an extra “spin” on it and released the fidget spinner drone, that’s when we got excited. The design is cool, the idea is pretty unique and definitely worth to try it on your own. Giving it an extra tiny engine was a good idea, so it acts like a boomerang. If you release it with a good balance and it is flying correctly it comes back to your palm. Does it have the same stress-relieving purpose as the original one? Not really, but it definitely gets you fully focused on the game, and takes your mind off whatever is on it at the moment. Super fun and it takes practice to get good at it. You can share it with a friend, or you can even play it in multiplayer…;)

 Even though the fidget spinner drone got a nice update you won’t see it in our marketplace, because we stand for useful, functional products and this one just doesn’t make the cut. But since the design came out pretty cool, we tough it still deserves to be mentioned. :)