A new way to think about products

Creating and curating well designed, smart, efficient products with sustainability and health in mind. 

So how did Apollo's Curated ended up with these values?

Apollo's Curated was founded by us, the same visionaries as Apollo Design & Tech, the company behind a top dry herb vaporizer brand that is know for being the innovator and pioneer of it's field: AirVape. 

In the past 3 years, we have been doing research to find sustainable ways to create products and to ship them. As a result, the latest vaporizer, the Legacy Special Edition , was created not only by using sustainable materials like hemp textile or vegan leather, but also shipping them in fully plant based bubble wrap envelopes. Yet, the best part is, that there are 10 trees getting planted after each unit sold.

So, Apollo's Curated was constructed with the leverage of AirVape's bold design moves and cutting-edge technology along with the sustainable know-hows of the previous years. 

We take pride in being innovators and "outside the box" thinkers. We are passionate about smart and efficient new technologies, gadgets that are fun to use and also products you can rely on because of their usefulnessquality and durability.

As a result of these values, we are releasing our signature high-tech product line, which consists of a super-portable magnetic power bank, designer wireless desk lamp and in early 2022, an aromatherapy diffuser, designed in Scandinavia, with super-sleek, minimalist direction made from fully recycled plastic, vegan leather, packed in recycled paper box. 

We celebrate the trendsetters and creatives who aim not just to increase their market value but to provide customers with long term satisfaction, and we are happy to include ourselves in this group of individuals. We think there is nothing better than that nice, cozy feeling you get after buying something that is, just as good or better than you expected.