5 Sustainable Companies That Are Trending Right Now

 We all know by now, that taking care of our environment is a must. With the rapidly increasing problem of climate change, there is no better time than the present to collectively become more eco-friendly, and turn to a more sustainable way of living. 

The term being eco-friendly or eco-conscious is popping up everywhere in our everyday life, almost becoming a trend. But luckily the more marketing the better, and lets be honest, if we are talking about a trend, this is the one that we all want to follow.

So lets see what it actually means to be eco-conscious?

Eco-friendly/conscious means living with intent. Living in a way that is not harming the environment.

It goes beyond turning off the light, when it is not needed, or turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, it is about learning a new way of living.

It starts with being mindful about our consumption, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting, others who strive to create sustainable products and also give back to the planet. 

As a community (as individuals, corporations, and businesses) we all play our part to create a sustainable future. 

Sustainable companies

photo: mika-baumeister

Since we are running our lives in a more environmentally friendly way, we want to turn to companies and their products, who do the same and operating on the next level of consciousness. 

You have probably figured by now, that for a company to be considered eco-conscious needs to do more than just using recycled materials.

Eco-friendly companies need to focus on sourcing ethically, produce and manufacture in an environmentally responsible way to create sustainable products.

Some can take this a step forward, and while focusing on eco-consciousness they actually aim not just to preserve but to have a positive impact. 

For a business or company to be considered completely environmentally friendly, they need to bring together all the areas of production and distribution.

From the beginning till the end, they need to pay attention to the ethical sourcing of raw materials, to production, to packing and shipping without producing more landfill waste, and to think about their product's afterlife.

It is not an easy task, and it takes time and organization to meet every standard, so even little steps toward a better future count. Some companies taking care of their sourcing, some, try to reduce the waste by recycled packaging, others produce locally or using renewable energy, lot of them go ahead and donating part of their profits to organizations or planting trees.

In this next section we are going to list 5 cool, companies with their even cooler products, that are illustrating what eco-friendliness means in practice.

5 Sustainable companies, and their eco-friendly products.

1. Caran dAche - Ballpoint Pen 849 NESPRESSO Limited Edition 2

NESPRESSO Ballpoint Pen

Caran dAche is a Swiss company, that produces drawing and writing instruments since 1915 to help individuals expressing their creativity.

They emphasize sustainable development and social responsibility. They are taking steps to protect the environment, they form partnerships with local and international artists, and they work with social and cultural stakeholders in order to lead with example. 

Their latest collaboration is actually the 2nd round with Nespresso.

The two world-renowned Swiss companies remain committed to their values of innovation, design quality, and the protection of our environment.”

- You can read more on their website.

They took the iconic ballpoint pen design and turned it into a lightweight, yet robust body, made of aluminum from recycled Nespresso capsules.

The packaging of course is environmentally friendly as well, made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. 


2. AirVape - The AirVape Legacy and Legacy Special Edition 


Airvape legacy

AirVape is a market-leading company, developing dry herb vaporizers, incorporating cutting-edge technology, with high-end design and sustainable materials.

They are taking important steps towards a better world. They offer a recycling program: you can send back your outdated vaporizer, for a discount code in return.

After they receive your old vaporizer they recycle it responsibly. They have changed their shipping materials to biodegradable envelopes, in order to reduce their ecological footprint and they strive to be more and more eco-conscious.

The AirVape Legacy holds the latest technology of dry herb vaporizers packed in a body, that is using eco-friendly materials, without comprising performance.

The exterior of this luxurious vape is covered with hemp textile and vegan leather.

Inside you can find a glass air-path, ceramic mouthpiece, and gold plated chamber. Our favorite is the unique packaging that is also made of recycled paper.

A couple of months ago AirVape released the Special Edition of the Legacy in 2 amazing green colors and the perk is that they teamed up with One Three Planted to take part in helping global reforestation.

one tree planted

When you buy a Legacy SE you are being part of this process, and your purchase plants 10 trees. 


3. Pela - Smart tech accessories 

Pelas mission is to stop plastic pollution. They believe society can lead a waste-free life, and these kinds of products should be the new normal. They were intrigued and inspired by the thousands of plastic phone cases that end up in our oceans and landfill, so they have developed the first 100% biodegradable phone case. 

Pela phone case

These cases are super soft, yet durable, and protect your smartphone 100%.

They come with cute and creative designs as well, in many bright colors, featuring many different artists works. By now, they are also producing smartwatch bands, air pod cases, and sunglasses, all made from biodegradable and compostable materials, that are free of BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalates. 

4. Eart & Co

Eart & Co

The EART watches are designed by to be minimal, yet to stand out with its meticulous craft.

The men's watch 42 mm stainless steel case and sapphire glass covering the precise automatic Japanese movement is a match made in heaven.

No batteries=cleaner environment.

We are super proud of highly comfortable strap, that we managed to make from 100% recycled plastic.

As these watches are made from natural wood and completely toxic-free, they not water-resistant, so this is something that you need to keep in mind when you caring for your timepiece. However, the material ensures, that every piece is special and unique, one of a kind. 

5. Medence Csoport - Upcycled bags

medence - leon

The Medence Csoport Art and Service Partnership is a Hungarian company that was founded in 2000.

Three individual designers and visual communication artists came together to create environmental design and arts in the fields of architecture, furniture, and industrial design.

The brand’s philosophy is to design and produce environmentally conscious and socially valuable ways by up-cycling industry excess materials that otherwise would end up in our landfill. The process of up-cycling means that the leftover fabric turned into something unique and even more valuable.

It is hard to pick just one from Medence’s lineup. The unique contemporary products are not just carelessly thrown together. Every bag has its purpose and intelligent design that can best serve the customer.

You can find messenger bags, bag packs, fanny-packs, shoppers.

The products are not just helpful but actually stylish, coming with astonishing patterns and colors.

Check out their webshop because it’s mind-blowing what these guys can do with materials like convertible cars topping fabric, industry excess textile, vinyl truck tarps, or just disposed marketing materials like banners.